Convert your passion into earnings

Earn while working in the comfort of your own home and doing what you love

BeneFit of being a Hommyliciouz Home Chef:

Hommyliciouz is a digital platform that connects home chefs with hungry customers within your neighborhood.

As a Hommyliciouz Home Chef, you are able to monetize your passion for cooking by selling your dishes. There is incredible flexibility in choosing the meal/dishes that you wish to cook. You can cook just one specialty dish if you wish to and you can customize the number of pax that you wish to sell to. You can also cater to a group of customers that have specific dietary needs such as halal, vegetarian, gluten free, nut allergy, sugar-free and etc.

Be your own boss in deciding what you want to cook and sell through the mobile app.

Start earning from cooking what you love without leaving your home now!

First Time Sharing your Food? Fret Not as We provide Training and Support

In order to become a registered Hommyliciouz Home Chef, you will be required to go through the Basic Food Hygiene video and answer some questions.

Hommyliciouz strongly encourages all Home Chef to acquire the full day Basic Food Hygiene Course by NEA. You can get more details
here. As such, Hommyliciouz will subsidize all active home chefs to go through the course. Home chefs who attain a Basic Food Hygiene certification or culinary degree will be given a certified badge in their profile.

Do What You Love and You Will Never Have to Work for Another Day In Your Life. “Confucius”

Join us in our rewarding journey as home chefs.



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