HommyLiciouz Mechanics

How HommyLiciouz Food Sharing Works

How Does HommyLiciouz work

It’s easy! You have two options.

Make selection on the dish /meal

Browse through list of home chefs in your area and choose the food of your preference by adding them to cart

Checkout and make order

Select when you want your food to be delivered and checkout your cart.


You will be reminded if you order food in advance and be notified when food is on its way. Finally, enjoy the home made meal that you have ordered.

Upload Dish / Meal for sale

Plan what to cook and upload it through our easy to use mobile app. Decide on price, how many pax you can cook for, when you want to cook and whether you want to self deliver the food or have customer collect the food from you.

Orders notification

You will be notified automatically when there is new order, you can review and accept the order.

Cook and deliver

You will be reminded of your order when the time comes, simply cook and deliver your meal.

Our Promise

1. Accessibility and Flexibility

Not only is tasty home cook meals easily accessible through our mobile app, but we also place as much priority in giving you the flexibility in choosing when you want your food delivered.

2. Training and experience

Our home chefs are also trained in Basic Food Safety and Hygiene Course. Some of them have other culinary experiences. Look out for the badge in the home chef profile.

3. Food portion

Home Chef’s meal are provided in generous portion sufficient to satisfy most appetite while absolutely no compromise is made to food quality and freshness.

Do What You Love and You Will Never Have to Work for Another Day In Your Life. “Confucius”

Join us in our rewarding journey as home chefs.


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