Insurance Policy


Mandatory Liability Insurance

Tingkatz Pte Ltd (Hommyliciouz) has arranged an insurance program for all Home Chefs (HC) registered on our platform. All

our HCs will be covered for Combined General Liability (CGL) with a top rated insurer in Singapore.

This insurance is mandated by Tingkatz to give clients a layer of comfort in transacting with the HC

through the Tingkatz platform.

What are HCs covered for?

CGL covers the HC where they are legally liable to pay by way of compensation (including costs

awarded against the HC) in respect of:

  • Personal Injury; or
  • Property Damage; or
  • Advertising Liability;

to third parties for any accidents caused by the HC or by unforeseen and unknown contamination of

their food.

How much are the HCs covered for?

The policy covers all HCs in the aggregate and individually up to SGD250,000 within the active policy


Is this sufficient?

Tingkatz by no means warrants that such insurance and/or its limits are sufficient to cover any or all

legal liability that the HC may face. HCs are encouraged and free to purchase additional insurances

or insurance limits are their own costs.

Does this insurance cover injury to the HC or damage to their equipment?

No. This is a third-party liability insurance.

What if there is a claim situation?

  • Stay calm and stabilize the situation on good faith basis e.g. if there is an injury, seek medical

attention first for the claimant.

  • Take note of the claimants name, location and contact number.
  • Provide a statement on what has happened. With photos if applicable.
  • Do not accept any liability whatsoever. One may apologise for any inconvenience caused but

never say you will pay for any damages caused EVEN IF it is very obvious that you are at

fault. If you do, this may compromise the insurance cover.

  • Just hear the claimant out and take note of all details of their claim empathetically. If a legal

demand is made against you, retain the demand notice. Give the claimant a holding

statement and direct all the above to Tingkatz.

  • Suggested holding statement: “I note your information provided and the current situation.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Please allow us some time to consider and come back

to you soonest we can.”Are there any terms and conditions for this cover?

Yes. As with any insurance policy, there are terms and conditions. While we have structured a cover

with a leading insurer in the market with superior policy wordings, there will always be situations

where cover cannot be accorded. For example, if there is criminal liability involved or if the HC is

fined by the authorities, such liability cannot be covered by the policy.

Reach out to us if you would like to find out the full details of the policy wording.

How much will this insurance cost?

This insurance is paid by Tingkatz for all HC utilizing Hommyliciouz mobile app for transactions. Therefore it is FREE for HC.

Will the HC be covered for activity beyond Tingkatz and/or its platform(s) (Hommyliciouz)?

No. This cover is only applicable for HC activity and transactions made on or through Tingkatz and/or

its platform(s) ie Hommyliciouz. If you sell directly to clients that is not registered through Tingkatz (Hommyliciouz), there will be no insurance cover provided by this arranged policy.

Additional condition for Insurance Coverage

All HC registered on Tingkat (Hommyliciouz) platform must go through and pass the Online Basic Food Hygiene training.

Tingkatz (Hommyliciouz) may conduct audit on your premise (kitchen) where food is prepared to ensure you follow the guidelines in the Basic Food Hygiene Training.

For Users / Customers


As an additional offer of assurance to users of Tingkatz (Hommyliciouz), we have arranged for all our Home Chefs

(HC) to be insured for general liability with a top-rated insurer in Singapore. Terms and conditions


How does this benefit me?

In case of any accidents or in the unlikely event that food served is contaminated, you will have

security against an insurer who has agreed to insure Tingkatz (Hommyliciouz) and the HCs. The insurers willingness

to underwrite our risk also gives you additional comfort engaging through the Tingkatz platform.

What will this cost me?

Nothing. The cost of this insurance will be borne by HCs on the platform.

Can I claim against this insurance if I deal directly with the HC?

This insurance is only applicable for activity and transactions engaged through Tingkatz and/or its

platform(s). Any direct dealing with HCs will not be covered under this insurance.

What if I want to make a claim?

Please attend to the situation to stabilise matters in good faith. Thereafter, provide a statement of

what has happened with as much relevant details as possible e.g. order number, date and time of

incident, name of HC etc. If photos will help, please do take with as much perspective as possible.

Please relay all information to Tingkatz and we will get back to you as fast as we can.


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